• Once I had drawn my Limited Entry Antelope permit, I soon realized that I would be limited to the amount of time I would have to scout. By contacting Biggameutah they helped me target a specific location and where to hunt. After an unsuccessful opening weekend they inquired about my first attempt and with the information I gave them, they narrowed down an area and put me in the best spots on the unit. With their help I was able to harvest the new #56 P&Y Antelope for Utah. Thank you BGU for all your help and ultimately putting me on this trophy!

    Koti Arns
  • By some dumb luck I was able to draw a coveted buffalo tag for Utah this last season. Having no knowledge of my unit I enlisted the help of BGU. They told me where to locate maps and put me in touch with the right people to get the correct information. Knowing I was going to be undermanned trying to get this massive animal out of the field Paul Cook and friends were ready at the drop of a hat and ready to pull all their resources together to help me fulfill this life long dream. Thanks to all the help I received I was able to harvest the animal of a lifetime. Thank you BGU!

    Brian Steele Buffalo